We have surveyed 43 students that are between 12 - 16 years old. They face high amount of stress and the source of this stress comes from studies. They usually study for one to three hours while some study more that five hours a day. The average amount of homework given was around two to four worksheets per day. Many people also mentioned that this and revisions prevents them from sleeping, but in our survey, most of them slept between six to eight hours per day. We think that students tend to crave for more sleep, which is why students do not think that they have enough sleep. More then 3/4 students do not have sleeping problems, but the minority of the students who have sleeping problems are the ones who study more than 5 hours a day. More than half of the students do not have backaches or neck pains, meaning that they are not stressing themselves up too much. A lot of students face stress during the exam period, mostly because of parent expectations too high. About half of students think that a suitable time for studying is one to three hours, which is what they usually study a day. From this, we can conclude that the suitable time to study is around one to three hours because most of the students who did this survey find that they can cope with studying for one to three hours a day.

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